What people are saying about their experiences with James Word:

“It was comfortable and challenging, too.”

“Inside all of the rhythms, I found a stillness, a whole other level of awareness, with a stillness and space about it.”

“This kind of knowingness, trust and surrender, you can just let go and be part of the vast creation of oneness. How important this is to do on a regular basis, to create ritual together”

“I felt mezmerized when I got into the flow. I enjoyed that a lot even when I got lost in it. This is good, I like it. My hands were buzzing at the end of it.”

“It’s very hard for me still, to actually let go. But when I do let go and come back [to the rhythm], there is some kind of integration on a deeper level.”

“I was connecting to a woman I hadn’t seen in ten years. That was an interesting memory to show up.”

“What rhythm can teach us, where rhythm can take us to multi-dimensional levels of awareness.”

“I feel great to be able to embody the sound.”

“You can let your thoughts go, and still be fully focused.”

“When it gets into the body, there’s a lot of potential there”

“I felt like there was tenderness in the room. That was really nice.”

“I realized what had to do it on its own, and what had to listen.”

“All of the rhythms reminded me of non-sensical, deep lyrical fusions.”

“It felt really, really nourishing, like a sweet walk in the park with no destination.”

“I was focused on each moment, on each beat, on each rhythm, I forgot about everything else.”

“There’s a huge amount of let go and surrender, but also a huge amount of awareness. It’s multi-dimensional.”

“You have this beautiful sound going on in your body, and you’re not really thinking about it you’re just doing it.”

“I like being able to finally get a sense of the symmetrical patterns. It was really fun, this time, and I could finally relax and hear what you were singing.”

“I allowed myself to do what I wanted. It was also interesting, I could stay connected energetically and take care of my body.”

“I practiced being passive tonight. I really allowed myself to go out of rhythm, and relax and participate passively.”

“I felt like we were this little tribe, just listening to the drum, just beating out a rhythm… really fun!”

“It was really cool to not necessarily know, but know that there’s something that’s going on.”

“That was really fun, especially when I really locked into the rhythm.”

“It’s more fun to be in a non-ordinary state!”

“I felt very tranced in that”

“Really tribal feeling”

“Sweet, light, fun.”