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TaKeTiNa (pronounced Tah Keh Tea Nah) is a unique, research-supported group learning process that promotes personal and musical potential through our universal connection with rhythm.

The process helps participants develop greater awareness, creativity, and intuition. It teaches the ability to be simultaneously focused and relaxed — important skills for complex, modern lives.

For musicians, TaKeTiNa improves the ability to stay in the groove, to embody and feel music, and to stay centered while performing.

For groups and teams, TaKeTiNa builds community, improves communication skills, and offers a direct experience of self-organization.

Integrating movement, chaos theory, and neuroscience, TaKeTiNa guides participants into a full-body experience of rhythm, while enhancing many areas of the brain.

TaKeTiNa works directly with the body’s innate rhythmic knowledge. No previous experience is necessary to benefit from the process. Both beginners and advanced practitioners learn side-by-side, at their own levels, and at the same time.

The learning and transformative potential of TaKeTiNa is made possible by these (and more) guiding principles of the process:

  • Learning is most effective when participants explore at their own pace.
  • People of all experience levels can learn together, at the same time.
  • The body connects us to fundamental rhythms found in music and nature.
  • TaKeTiNa is both simple and complex. It focuses on the natural interplay between chaos and order.

TaKeTiNa has been developed and refined for over 40-years by composer and master percussionist Reinhard Flatischler, and co-developed by Cornelia Flatischler. More information can be found at