TaKeTiNa and Breathwork

A Powerful Combination! TaKeTiNa has long been used as a catalyst for various healing modalities. Certain Psychotherapists in Europe prefer to have their clients do TaKeTiNa before a session because it allows the client to become more centered and aware, making the session more efficient and effective.

Deep Breath by Weidner www.listenforjoy.com

Deep Breath by Weidner www.listenforjoy.com

The same deepening effect can be achieved by doing TaKeTiNa before Breathwork. Breathwork is a gentle-yet-powerful healing modality where participants actively breathe for a period of time in order to let go of past traumas, discover new ways of being, and detoxify the body.

We will begin with approximately 1-hour of TaKeTiNa, from 5:30-6:30, then continue with approximately 1-hour of Breathwork. Prepare to reach your depths, and feel incredibly alive!

The Breathwork session will be facilitated by Mary Gaetjens and Jeri Lawson, two very experienced, gentle, and wise practitioners. One of the reasons why I feel that TaKeTiNa is a good fit with them, is because they choose to omit the “heavy psychological processing” aspect that many Breathwork sessions tend to impose. Mary and Jeri’s philosophy (like mine) is in perfect alignment with TaKeTiNa: We facilitate with a gentle approach that allows people to go deeply into their own experience, in their own way. Individuals are free to share their experiences with the group, or to keep them private.

About Jeri Lawson:
Jeri Lawson is a ClarityBreathwork Practitioner and Healing Touch Practitioner with a private practice in Oakland, California. She is a graduate of Psychic Horizons Clairvoyant Program in San Francisco and a graduate of The National Holistic Institute in Emeryville. Jeri has studied Shamanism, Yoga, Dreamwork and Hypnotherapy. She has experienced Clarity Breathwork as a direct connection to spirit and loves holding space for others. She finds group Breathing circles to be extremely powerful for individual transformation and planetary healing.

About Mary Gaetjens:
Mary went to doctors, osteopaths, neurologists, physical therapists and surgeons looking for relief from injuries resulting from a near fatal accident. The ultimate recommendation was a lifetime prescription for pain medication and operations that might leave her paralyzed. She opted for constant pain and postural anomaly until February of 1996 when she began to discover natural healing alternatives. She now practices the techniques that yielded the greatest results. She is multi-cultural and has studied with healers worldwide to essentialize wisdom from a broad family of cultures. Her passion is to re-awaken and re-member peoples’ natural ability to heal and restore themselves to the full potential of their vital energy so that they can live active healthy lives in harmony and peace.

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  1. John Parker

    Hi: Please let me know when you have open TaKaTiNa sessions and where. Thanks! John Parker

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