Natural Leadership in The TaKeTiNa Rhythm Process

Natural leadership in action during the TaKeTiNa process.

Today, whenever I read a newspaper or watch the news, I’m reminded how destructive control and power can become. The world desperately needs more effective and gentler leadership. I’m always surprised that this natural type of leadership isn’t in more demand, taught in our schools, or used in our workplaces.

Eleven years ago, when I participated in my first TaKeTiNa workshop, I was impressed by the natural leadership that was used to guide the group. The founder, Reinhard Flatischler, was gentle and genuine, and always seemed to know what the group required at any moment. When people shared their experiences or asked questions, he listened with compassion and responded with wisdom.

Today, after a lot of training and experience leading groups, it is clear to me that there is something inherent in the TaKeTiNa process that requires gentle leadership. And that’s an exciting fact. It is as if the TaKeTiNa process is taking care of itself, and that care extends to each participant, and each community.

When you participate in this rhythmic process, you quickly begin to realize that you are your own leader. TaKeTiNa teaches you how to lead yourself and others with wisdom and compassion. The lessons learned during the process become powerful metaphors that facilitate positive transformations in your relationships and communities.

TaKeTiNa is a fusion of rhythm and process: ancient wisdom and modern research for the concerns of the modern world. One of the main gifts it has to offer is the way of natural leadership.

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