A key instrument used in TaKeTiNa, the berimbauTaKeTiNa is a group process for discovering your natural rhythmic and musical potential. Participants are guided into movements and vocalizations that connect with fundamental rhythms.

Clear instructions are given so that anyone can follow. The unique process allows for both beginners and advanced musicians to learn side-by-side, at the same time, and at their own pace.

When the group is ready, a musical conversation begins. The leader and group explore rhythmic and musical possibilities related to the underlying rhythm. Individuals are encouraged to go in and out of rhythm, to learn how to most effectively enter the flow of rhythm and music.

Each experience starts softly, gradually rises to a crescendo, and eventually fades into silence. Time is reserved for relaxation, integration, and discussion.

People tend to experience a variety of primary benefits like rhythm and music skills, as well as secondary benefits, like relaxation, freedom from old thought patterns, and the integration of brain hemispheres. What participants discover while they learn about rhythm and music tends to create positive effects in other areas of their daily lives.

TaKeTiNa is used worldwide in music conservatories and universities, research and therapy centers, and in corporate teams, individual sessions, and group seminars.

TaKeTiNa was developed over 40-years ago by world-famous, master percussionist Reinhard Flatischler. Reinhard and his wife, Cornelia Flatischler, continue to develop and refine the TaKeTiNa learning process.